Shamsuddin Kayumars

shamsuddin kayumars

The father of Shamsuddin Kayumars was Muiz ud-Din Qaiqabad, the tenth sultan. In 1290, after Muiz-ud-Din Qaiqabad was assassinated by Jalal-al-Din Khalji, he succeeded over as Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate. He was the Mamluk dynasty’s eleventh sultan, ruling the Delhi Sultanate.

This article sheds light on the 11th monarch of the slave dynasty.

About Shamsuddin Kayumars

  1. According to history, Jalal ud-Din Firuz Khalji assassinated his father, Qaiqabad.
  2. At that point, Turkish nobility had placed his little son Kayumars as Sultan.
  3. By killing the infant Kayumars and taking the throne, Khalji put an end to the Mamluk monarchy and created the Khalji dynasty.


Malik Surkha, along with his companion Malik Kachhan, crowned Kayumars, the infant son of Qaiqabad, as Shamsuddin II after learning of Qaiqabad’s incurable paralysis. Before being overthrown by Jalal-ud-din, Kayumars’ nominal monarchy in the year 1290 lasted for around three months.

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Who Was The Final Slave Dynasty Ruler Of The Delhi Sultanate?

Shams ud-Din Kayumars was the final monarch of the Slave or the Mamluk dynasty.

Who Was The Foremost Ruler Of The Delhi sultanate?

Qutb-ud-din Aibak, the slave general of Muhammad Ghori was the foremost emperor of the Delhi Sultanate. From 1206 to1210, he reigned over the Mamluk empire and laid its basis.

Name All The Monarchs Of Slave Dynasty.

The Slave/Mamluk dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate was ruled by Qutb ud din Aibak, Aram Shah, Iltutmish, Ruknuddin Firuz, Razia Sultana, Muizuddin Bahram Shah, Ala-ud-Din Masud Shah, Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah, Ghiyas ud din Balban, Muiz ud-Din Qaiqabad and Shams ud-Din Kayumars.

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