Muiz ud Din Qaiqabad: 10th Sultan Of Mamluk Dynasty

muiz ud din qaiqabad

The 10th sultan of the Slave dynasty was Muiz ud din Qaiqabad. His grandfather was Ghiyas ud din Balban, and his father was Bughra Khan. Balban’s second son, who was also his second choice to succeed his father, turned down the throne because Bughra Khan was already the independent sultan of Bengal.

This article provides a brief history of the Mamluk dynasty’s tenth monarch. This article will be fruitful for UPSC preparation.

Muiz ud Din Qaiqabad: Historical Background

  1. Finding a legitimate successor to the crown was arduous for Sultan Balban throughout his rule.
  2. His eldest son Muhammad died in 1286 before he succeed to the throne of his father.
  3. After the assassination of his eldest son by the Mongols, Sultan Balban fell into an incurable sense of grief.
  4. In his final days, he invited his second son Kurra Khan to dwell with him.
  5. Bughra Khan (also known as Kurra Khan) was the autonomous emperor of Bengal at the time and because of his father’s strict character, he snuck off to Bengal.
  6. Ultimately, Balban selected Kay Khusroe to succeed him.
  7. Kay Khusroe was his grandson and Muhammad’s son.
  8. When Balban passed away, Fakhr-ud-Din abandoned the nomination and went with Muiz ud din Qaiqabad, the son of Nasiruddin Bughra Khan.
  9. Fakhr-ud-Din was the Kotwal of Delhi at that time.
  10. Qaiqabad was only 17 years of age when ascended the crown. 
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Muiz Ud Din Qaiqabad: Reign

  1. After ascending to the rank of Emperor, he dwells on alcohol and women, and his courtiers did the same.
  2. As his army clashed with his father’s Bengal army close to North Bihar, he raced to embrace his mourning father out of love for him.
  3. There was no conflict, and Bengal and Hindustan signed a binding peace treaty that was upheld even by his successors.
  4. After transferring Nizam-ud-Din to Multan upon his comeback to Delhi, the Sultan had him poisoned after noticing the latter’s reluctance.
  5. He selected Jalal ud Din Firuz Khalji as the new army commander, however, the assassination and selection sparked a wave of dissent among the Turkish nobility.

Death Of Muiz Ud Din Qaiqabad

Muiz-ud-din Muhammad Qaiqabad had a paralytic stroke after four years. Khilji nobleman later killed him in 1290. Shamsuddin Kayumars, his infant son, became his successor. Later on, his son was assassinated, ending the Slave monarchy and commencing the Khilji Dynasty.


The tenth sultan of the slave dynasty issued copper, gold, billon, and silver coins.


Muiz ud din Qaiqabad, who was still a minor at the period, paid no attention to any state concerns during his entire reign. After becoming Monarch, he dwells on the life of wine and women, and his courtiers fell into line.


Who Succeeded Shamsuddin Kayumars?

After killing Shamsuddin Kayumars the eleventh sultan and son of Qaiqabad, Jalal ud-Din Firuz Khalji succeeded in establishing the Khalji dynasty and putting an end to the Mamluk dynasty.

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