Diwan I Risalat: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

diwan i risalat

The Delhi Sultanate reigned from 1206 CE to 1526 CE. Its efficient administrative structure greatly influenced the provincial kingdom of India.

The judicial department, finance department, military department, and revenue department are some of the departments where officers were consequently appointed to oversee the efficient operation of the kingdom.

Diwan i risalat is one of the central administration’s principal divisions that is covered in this article. If you are getting ready for a competitive exam like the UPSC, this article will be worthwhile reading.

Diwan I Risalat 

  1. It is the department of appeals.
  2. Diplomatic correspondence and ambassadors were handled by the diwan-i-risalat or minister of foreign affairs. As all the Sultans were eager to retain diplomatic ties with the Central Asian nations, he was a crucial officer.
  3. Sadr-us-Sudur was the head of diwan-i-risalat.
  4. It provides funding for mosques, madrasas, and graves. It was also patronizing to academics. Chief Sadr, the head of the Diwan-i-Risalat, also served as Chief Qazi, the charge of the judicial branch.

Facts Of Department Of Religious Affairs

  1. Under the Delhi Sultanate, this department oversaw the administration of justice.
  2. The qazi-i-mumalik and head of the group was Sadr-us-Sadr.
  3. He handled ecclesiastical matters and was the top-ranking religious official.
  4. He also sanctioned many charity gifts including waqf, Idrar, wazifa, etc., and appointed the qazis (judges).
  5. The Sultan served as the supreme court in civil as well as criminal cases. Qazi-i-mumalik followed him.
  6. The public censors, or muhtasibs, supported the judicial branch.
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Other Departments Under Delhi Sultanate

  1. Diwan-i-Wizarat
    • Department of Finance 
    • Head: Wazir
  2. Diwan-i-Arz
    • Department of Military
    • Head: Ariz- i-Mumalik
  3. Diwan-i-lnsha
    • Department of Royal Correspondence
    • Head: Dabir-i-mamalik
  4.  Diwan-i-Qaza
    • It is the Justice Department.
    • Head: qazi-ul-quzzat or chief Qazi
  5. Diwan-i-Bandagan
    • Department of Slaves
    • Firoz Shah Tughlaq started this department.
  6. Diwan-i-Amir Kohi
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Muhammed Tughlaq formed it.
  7. Diwan-i-Mustkharaj
  8. Diwan-i-Khairat
    • Department of Charity
    • Who: Firuz Shah Tughlaq


The administration was well organized under the Delhi Sultanate. The Sultan appointed numerous ministers to various departments to govern its Sultanate efficiently.


In The Delhi Sultanate, What Was The Diwan-I-Risalat?

Diwan i risalat was the unit of religious matters. Chief Sadr governed this department.

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