Article 381 Of The Indian Constitution

article 381 of indian constitution

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. It is a comprehensive document that lays down the framework for the governance of the country.

The President’s Council of Ministers is mentioned in Article 381 of the Indian Constitution.

The said Article is a part of Part XXI of the Indian Constitution. “Temporary, Transitional, and Special Provisions” is the subject of Part XXI of the Indian Constitution.

All About Article 381 Of The Indian Constitution

Article 381 of the Indian Constitution speaks about the Council of Ministers of the President.

It was deleted by the Seventh Amendment of the Indian Constitution in the year 1956.

Winding Up

The Constitution covers a wide range of topics, including the structure of the government, the powers and functions of the various organs of the government, the rights and duties of citizens, the relationship between the Union and the states, and the relationship between the different organs of the government. Article 381 was also a part of the Indian Constitution which was repealed in the year 1956 by the 7th constitutional amendment.

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