Article 379 Of The Indian Constitution

article 379 of indian constitution

The Indian Constitution is one of the most comprehensive constitutional documents in the world. Article 379 of the Indian Constitution lays down specific provisions related to the provisions of a provisional Parliament, its Speaker, and its Deputy Speaker.

India became a sovereign nation in 1950 with the adoption of the Constitution, which enables democratic principles and parliamentary practices to be enshrined in legislation. The Constitution not only delineates fundamental rights but also describes numerous procedures for effective governance, including a provision as to provisional Parliament under Article 379.

What Is Article 379 Of The Indian Constitution?

Article 379 of the indian constitution speaks about the provisions as to provisional Parliament and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker thereof.

Which Amendment Deleted Article 379?

There was indeed Article 379 in the Indian Constitution at one point, but it was deleted by the 7th Amendment of the Constitution, which came into effect in 1956.

The 7th Amendment of the Indian Constitution made several changes to the original text of the Constitution. It added several new articles, and also deleted some of the existing articles. One of the articles that were deleted by the 7th Amendment was Article 379, which dealt with the provisional Parliament and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker thereof.

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What Is Provisional Parliament?

In order to formulate the Indian Constitution, the Constituent Assembly was chosen. The “Provincial Assembly” selected it. Their members served as the first Parliament of India as the “Provisional Parliament of India” after the country gained independence from British rule in 1947.

Is Article 379 Deleted From The Constitution Of India?

The 7th constitutional amendment deleted Article 379 of the Constitution of India.

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