Article 380 Of The Indian Constitution

article 380 of indian constitution

The Constitution of India is the world’s longest-written constitution with numerous provisions and regulations for a democratic society.

Article 380 of the Indian Constitution speaks about the provision as to President. The said Article used to be a part of Part XXI of the Indian Constitution. Part XXI of the Indian Constitution is titled “Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions.”

All About Article 380 Of The Indian Constitution 

Under the Indian Constitution, the provision pertaining to the President was included in Article 380. The 7th Amendment to the Constitution, which became operative in the year 1956, removed this article from the Constitution, nonetheless.

The original wording of the Indian Constitution underwent a number of revisions with the passage of the 7th Amendment. It also removed a few of the previously existing articles, in addition to adding several new ones. Article 380, which dealt with the provision about the President, was one of the articles that were deleted by the 7th Amendment.


The Constitution of India was adopted on 26 November 1949 and came into effect on 26 January 1950. It was a product of a long and intensive process of drafting and consultation, which involved the participation of experts and representatives from all parts of the country. The Constitution was designed to be a flexible and adaptable document, which could be amended as the needs of the country changed over time. Since its adoption, the Constitution of India has undergone numerous amendments, which have added to or modified its provisions. 

Due to its flexible nature, Article 380 was also removed from the Constitution by the 7th amendment.

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