Why Self Assessment For UPSC CSE 2022 Preparation Is Required

self assessment for upsc

Self assessment for UPSC is meant to increase the self-responsibility and self-regulation of UPSC aspiring candidates in learning. Preparation materials, research, weekly self-study targets, and analysis are the fuel to drive the cycle of self-assessment.

If you are an aspiring candidate of UPSC who is studying day and night to clear UPSC Prelims 2022, you may come across such questions-

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses while preparing for UPSC?
  2. Where do you need additional emphasis?
  3. On which questions are you spending more than usual time?
  4. Have you yet divided questions section-wise like current affairs, polity questions, history, or geography?
  5. Have you checked your answer with the answer key?

You can easily answer such types of questions by assessing yourself. UPSC 2022 Preparation dictates that candidates have to self-assess and set milestones. Study our article on why self assessment for UPSC preparation is required?

How Does Self-Assessment Help You To Clear UPSC?

To clear the most prestigious UPSC Exam subject knowledge is not enough. Time management, handling pressure, and different types of questions with ease are also important and play an equal role to clear the UPSC exam 2022 with flying colors.

Self assessment for UPSC plays a key role to analyze all these listed factors so that you can polish your problem-solving skills efficiently to give an edge to your performance. In short, analyzing or evaluating your preparedness from time to time will provide you a room to prepare for UPSC 2022 with a systematic and targeted approach to maximize your potential.

By evaluating yourself, you give yourself the keys to improvise your learning and build high expectations to improve your performance in mock tests and exams, primarily through the internalization of criteria and the standards of performance.

Self Assessment For UPSC Is A Significant Part Of UPSC Preparation

Self-assessment for UPSC is a significant part of UPSC Exam 2022 Preparation that will give your preparation an edge to leave no stone unturned.

Self assessment for UPSC will not only figure out your strengths/weaknesses but also gives you an idea of how to improve your performance and hence can build some strong layers of preparation for the vast UPSC 2022 Syllabus.
Self assessment for UPSC plays a key role in IAS Preparation in the following manner:

  1. It will help you to know which topic you are good at and which areas need your attention.
  2. Identifies the loopholes, if any, in your preparation.
  3. Helps you to identify your mistakes so that you will not repeat them further else such mistakes may stop you from clearing UPSC.
  4. You will come to know whether you are achieving a targeted goal or you have to work more to achieve it.
  5. With this, you are able to know whether you are on a right track or not.
  6. This will help you to speed up your preparation and also will enable you to evaluate your problem-solving skill.

In short, spend a considerable amount of time jotting down all your mistakes or where you lack in your UPSC Prelims 2022 or UPSC Mains 2022 Preparation so that you channel your energy in the right direction to improvise your learning while preparing for UPSC.

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Importance Of Self Assessment For UPSC

Periodic tests of self assessment for UPSC help aspiring candidates prepare for UPSC CSE 2022 in an appropriate and effective manner. Basically, it scales the level of Civil Services preparation by taking mock tests.

It is important as through self assessment for UPSC, candidates get aware of their preparation, their skills and abilities to solve any questions, their interests, and many more.

It helps in boosting the self-confidence of the aspirants of UPSC. It helps them to keep your progress in check which will be helpful to retain the needed information in your memory.

As no one pushes you, it’s your desire to be an IAS officer, so you have to push yourself. For this purpose, it is essential to be aware of your UPSC Preparation that will enable you to be on a right track after removing all the hurdles that might block your way to success.

Attempt The Test Series For UPSC Exam As Frequently As Possible

The UPSC aspirant should attempt the test series for the UPSC exam as frequently as possible due to the following reasons mentioned below:

  1. To score as high as you can: The first and foremost reason to take the test regularly is that it helps you to score higher in the examinations. The more practice you get, the higher your confidence levels will be, thereby translating into better scores.
  2. To get familiar with the trend of the past few years: You should know how previous years’ question papers were set and what kind of questions were asked in them so that when you appear for an actual exam, you do not get caught unawares by any surprises thrown at you by the examiner. Even evaluation of answer sheets will benefit in the long run.
  3. To feel calm, confident, and poised when you actually answer the UPSC question paper: The best way to do this is by practicing the previous year’s question papers with complete accuracy and speed so that when the actual test comes, one feels at home with it. This will also help aspirants get rid of any nervousness or anxiety when facing exams in the future.
  4. Self assessment for UPSC helps you assess yourself among your peers: The test series gives you a chance to see how well placed you are among other candidates who have appeared for the same test series. This will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly plan out strategies to improve upon those aspects that need improvement for the mains test.

    It also gives you an idea about how much preparation is needed in order to reach a certain standard compared to others who are also aiming for this target mark.
  5. To sharpen the memory: The test series covers all possible topics that may appear in the civil services examination. Practicing regularly helps sharpen your memory so that when it comes to facing the real thing, it becomes easier to recollect facts and figures which could be useful during the test day!

How Examarly Helps In Self Assessment For UPSC

UPSC is highly competitive and compounding your efforts will make you more successful than others. UPSC preparation needs to be well-planned, so plan with help from Examarly. Examarly believes in the philosophy of analyzing your preparation and then making necessary changes in your strategy of preparation accordingly to ensure success. It takes your self-assessment for UPSC and accordingly provides you your own customized micro study methodology that will give an edge to your UPSC Preparation.


Self assessment for UPSC helps you to analyze yourself at various aspects of your preparation. This analysis gives you an idea of how close are you to the target. It also helps to find major loopholes and constrain your preparation with the right strategy accordingly. It helps you to enhance and synergize your ultimate preparation.

Self assessment for UPSC is the cornerstone of any successful effort to prepare for an exam, and no matter how well-researched a study plan may be, it can only be effective when taken with a dose of self-evaluation.

Examarly is an intensive training regimen for the best performance in the UPSC Exam. Let’s study and analyze together to get prepared for UPSC CSE 2022.

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