Article 91 Of The Indian Constitution

article 91 of indian constitution

According to Article 91 of the Indian Constitution, the Deputy Chairman or another individual has the authority to carry out the responsibilities of the Chairman or to act in his or her place.

This article is covered in Part V of the Indian Constitution.

What Is Article 91 Of The Indian Constitution

  1. While the position of Chairman is vacant, or when the Vice President is acting in the President’s capacity, the Deputy Chairman assumes the role. If the position of Deputy Chairman is also vacant, the President may designate another member of the Council of States to fill the position.
  2. When the Chairman is not present for a meeting of the Council of States, the Deputy Chairman, or, if he is also absent, such person as the Council’s rules of procedure may designate, or, if no such person is present, such other person as the Council may determine, shall serve as a Chairman.

Function Of Deputy Chairman

  1. When the Chairman’s position is vacant or the Vice-President assumes the President’s duties, the Deputy Chairman fulfills those responsibilities.
  2. When the Chairman is not present for the House meeting, he takes over as chairman. He possesses all the chairman’s authority in both situations.
  3. A crucial part in ensuring the efficient operation of the House is also played by the Deputy Chairman.

Note: Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is not subordinate to the Chairman and the Rajya Sabha is his sole source of responsibility.

When Does The Deputy Chairman Carry Out The Duties Of The Chairman?

In the circumstances listed below, the Deputy Chairman assumes the duties of the chairman.

  1. When the position of Chairman is vacant.
  2. When the vice president serves the role of the president or carries out the president’s duties.
  3. If the vice president cannot make it to a House meeting.


The authority of the Deputy Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament was outlined in Article 91.

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What Is The Function Of The Deputy Chairman?

The Deputy Chairman will occupy the office of the Chairman and carry out its responsibilities when the Chairman is not present or while the Vice President is acting or serving as the President of India. However, if the Deputy Chairman is absent or the office of the Deputy Chairman is empty, then the member of the Council of Ministers chosen by the President will execute his duties as Deputy Chairman during the period of vacancy.

What Does Article 91 Of The Indian Constitution Addresses?

According to Article 91, the Deputy Chairman or another individual has the authority to 
carry out the responsibilities of the Chairmanship or to act in that capacity.

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