Female Freedom Fighters Of Telangana

female freedom fighters of telangana

India was governed by the British for almost two hundred years. India became an independent nation in 1947 because of the sacrifices and movements that its freedom fighters initiated. In opposition to British rule, several women spoke out. Rarely are their altruistic efforts, sacrifices, and challenges discussed. Without addressing the important efforts made by female freedom fighters, any understanding of the Indian independence movement would be lacking.

Read this article further to learn about the female freedom fighters of Telangana and their contribution to making India Independent.

During the period between 1905 and 1913, the area of present-day Telangana was under foreign rule, and as such, was a hotbed of revolutionaries. The armed struggle in Telangana was its most important moment.

The revolt started with the armed struggle in rural Telangana. It shook the throne of Nizam and laid the foundation for rural Telangana democracy. 

Female Freedom Fighters Of Telangana

Mallu Swarajyam

Mallu Swarajyam, also known as the bullet lady, is a prominent figure in Telangana’s political history. Born in 1931 in Karvirala Kothagudem village in the present-day Suryapet district, she was active in the Telangana peasants’ armed struggle. She organized people through songs and collected resources for the movement.

Born in a feudal family, She was a politician from the Communist Party of India (Marxist) who also fought for freedom. A member of the Telangana armed struggle, Mallu was a key player in shaking the Nizam’s throne. She later went underground for a period of time. 

Mallu Swarajyam was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India. She represented the Thungathurthy Assembly constituency in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly twice in 1978 and 1983.

While the armed struggle was taking place in Telangana, Mallu Swarajyam’s songs were the inspiration for tribals in Warangal, Karimnagar, and Adilabad. Through folk songs, she managed to awaken the tribals. 

Sarojini Naidu

A leading freedom fighter in the Indian freedom movement, Sarojini Naidu was a member of the Non-Cooperation Movement, which was organized by Mahatma Gandhi and other prominent freedom fighters. 

With Gandhi, Sarala Devi Chaudhurani, Rabindranath Tagore, and Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Naidu developed close relationships. She joined Gandhi’s nonviolent satyagraha movement after 1917 to protest British tyranny. As part of her ongoing efforts to promote freedom from British rule, Naidu traveled to London in 1919 as a member of the All India Home Rule League. She took part in India’s non-cooperation movement the next year.

For her involvement in the Quit India Movement, the British put Naidu in prison in 1942. She spent 21 months behind bars.

A feisty child prodigy, Sarojini Naidu dedicated her life to the Indian independence movement. A non-cooperation activist and satyagraha, she later became the first Indian woman president of the Indian National Congress. She served as the governor of Uttar Pradesh (United Provinces at that time) after the country was independent. Her achievements in the Indian independence struggle were numerous and varied. 

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The author of the books of poetry, Sarojini Naidu exhibited a wide range of talents. Her first collection of poems, The Golden Threshold, was published in 1905. Her other works include The Bird of Time, Broken Wing, In the Bazaars of Hyderabad, and The Wizard Mask. Her poems have received worldwide recognition. She was a prolific writer, and her work is highly regarded by the Indian public.

In order to honor the influential voices of women throughout Indian history, the 13th of February—birthday—is Naidu’s observed as Women’s Day.

Naidu earned the moniker “Nightingale of India” for his poetry. In 1919, Edmund Gosse referred to her as “the most accomplished living poet in India.”

An official Google Doodle was created in 2014 to commemorate/mark Naidu’s 135th birth anniversary.

Sarojini Naidu left the earth on 2nd March 1949.

To know about the slogans cited by Sarojni Naidu and by other women freedom fighters as well, click on Famous Slogans Of Female Freedom Fighters to visit the linked page.

Arutla Kamala Devi

Arutla Kamala Devi was an Indian freedom fighter and politician. She was a member of the Communist Party of India. She represented the Alair constituency in the Indian parliament from 1952 to 1967. She was a prominent leader in the armed freedom struggle against the Nizam.  

Her husband, Arutla Ramchandra Reddy fought for Indian independence. He was one of the leaders and participants in the armed uprising against the Nizam (the last ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad). In the 1940s, the communists collaborated with the destitute peasants of the then-Nizama state of Telangana to destroy the feudal system. His wife Arutla Kamala Devi participated in the Freedom Struggle and served in the Legislative Assembly for three terms. It was a little part of the greater Indian independence movement.

Arutla Kamala Devi is considered to be the first woman opposition leader in the history of India.

Arutla Kamala Devi was born in 1920. She was arrested and imprisoned in the Warangal Jail, she was shifted to Aurangabad prison and finally imprisoned in the Secunderabad Jail. She was released after 1951.


There are hundreds and thousands of women freedom fighters who were actively involved in the freedom struggle for an independent India. The support and push women gave to the independence movement cannot be denied. This article addressed some of the fiery women freedom fighters of Telangana and social activists of the freedom struggle era. Brave women of India were not only the support system of the Indian independence movement, but also at the forefront where they were lathi-charged, made to starve in jails, and tortured. The contribution of women to the freedom struggle is prominent and should not be forgotten.

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