Article 57 Of The Indian Constitution: Eligibility For Re-election

article 57 of indian constitution

The eligibility requirements for the President’s reelection have been discussed in Article 57 of the Indian Constitution. This article is contained in Chapter 1 of Part V of the Constitution of India.

The Union Government is addressed in Part V of the Constitution in five chapters. The “Union Executive” in Chapter I discusses the “President and Vice-President.”

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Article 57 Of The Indian Constitution

According to Article 57, a person who occupies or has previously held the office of President is eligible for reelection to that position, subject to the other requirements of this Constitution.

Key Information Regarding The President Of India

  1. The president is chosen by the electoral college. This group consists of the elected representatives to the State Legislative Assemblies, the two Union Territories of Delhi and Pondicherry, and the two Houses of Parliament.
  2. The legislative assemblies of India’s states and union territories, as well as the directly elected members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, indirectly elect the country’s president.
  3. The qualifying requirements for the re-election of India’s president also make clear that the president is entitled to utilize his official dwelling free of charge. It is qualified for the benefits, privileges, and compensation set forth in Indian Parliamentary law.
  4. The duty and power to safeguard the Constitution have been given to the President of India.

Important Articles Related To President

Article 52It specifies that there will be a President of India.
Article 53This article deals with the executive power of the Union
Article 54This article speaks about the Election of the President
Article 55It outlines the process for choosing the president.
Article 56It outlines the President’s term of office.
Article 57It details the re-election eligibility.
Article 58It details the qualifications for election as President
Article 59It specifies the conditions of the President’s office
Article 60It includes the President’s oath or affirmation.
Article 61It outlines the procedure for impeachment of the President
Article 62Time of holding election to fill the vacancy in the office of President


The eligibility for presidential reelection is covered in Article 57 of the constitution of India. The criteria for running for president again are covered in the article. It states that a candidate for President who is presently serving or has already held the office is only entitled to run for office once.


Can India’s President Be Re-Elected?

Yes, as per Article 57, the President Of India can be reelected.

What Does Article 57 Address?

According to Article 57, anyone who currently occupies or has previously held the office of President is qualified for reelection to that position, according to the other clauses of this Constitution.

For How Long President Can Hold Office?

Article 56(1) of the constitution provides that the president shall hold office for five years. 

Who Is Qualified To Become President?

According to Article 58 of the Constitution, a candidate for president must be an Indian citizen in order to qualify. He is eligible for election as a member of the House of the People after he has reached the age of 35.

How Is The President Of India Elected?

An electoral college’s members elect the president. This group consists of the elected members of the two Houses of Parliament, the state legislatures, and the union territories of Delhi and Pondicherry.

How Many Times Can A President Who Is Currently Serving Or Has Previously Held The Office Be Re-elected?

A President can only be re-elected “once,” whether that President is the one in office presently or has previously held the position.

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