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Mubarak Shah was Sayyid Dynasty’s second ruler after his father, Khizr Khan, he was one of the effective rulers who ruled Delhi Sultanate (1421 – 1434). The Delhi Sultanate has seen a lot of monarchs ruling over a long 320 years, in which Mubarak Shah was one of the most accomplished rulers of his time.

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Who Was Mubarak Shah?

Mubarak Khan is commonly known as Mubarak Shah or Muizz-ud-Din Mubarak Shah. He was the elder son of Sayyid Khizr Khan, the creator of the Sayyid dynasty and a previous ruler of Punjab. Mubarak Shah succeeded his father, Khizr Khan, as the second monarch of the Delhi Sultanate’s Sayyid Dynasty. He rose to the king without resistance in 1421, with the ambition of enlarging the empire. As Sultan of Delhi, he ruled from 1421 until 1434.


Mubarak Shah ascended to the throne without resistance following the death of his father, Khizr Khan. As the second monarch of the Sayyid Dynasty, he reigned from 1421 until 1434. Mubarak claimed the title Shah and issued coinage in his name after rising to the throne. He continued in his father’s footsteps by instituting disciplinary measures against Jagirdhars and nobility in order to collect the income. This infuriated the Jagirs and governors. The nobility began to revolt against the King. Sultan, on the other hand, was able to turn down the reveling nobility at Bathinda and Doab.

During his reign, Mubarak Shah had to fight the emergence of local dynasties as a result of the Timurid invasion of India. Jasrat Khokhar was Punjab’s local Muslim chieftain who was the greatest threat to his power. Jasrat Khokhar conquered vast territories in Punjab and later he marched towards Delhi in 1431 and captured the Delhi Sultanate. But later Jasrat Khokhar was defeated by Mubarak Shah and forced to leave Delhi.  He gave up vast territory conquered by him to the Delhi Sultan Mubarak Shah. Former minister Sarvar-ul-Mulk and other Hindu courtiers planned his assassination while returning from a victorious war campaign in Bhatinda Punjab.

Mubarakabad City, on the banks of the Yamuna River, was established as Mubarak Shah’s new capital city.

Finally, Mubarak Shah succumbed to the conspiracy and was killed in 1434 AD while his usual prayers in Mubharakabad. Mubarak Shah had no sons to succeed him, therefor the Sayyid Dynasty was taken over by his nephew Mohammed Shah. This effectively terminated Sultan Mubarak Shah’s reign.

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The Tomb

Mubarak Shah’s tomb, which is Octagonal in design, was erected during his lifetime. The gates to the south and west remain, but the other gates have vanished. The Mihrab is located to the west, while the other three sides feature arch openings. The tomb is currently known as the Kotla Mubarakpur Complex in Delhi. The tomb is rather tiny and has a level base. The entry Hall is made up of three entrances and a verandah. The low dome is supported by turrets on all four sides, and the ceiling is adorned with Quranic inscriptions. The mosque is located on the tomb’s west wall and was intended for guests to perform prayers and make public addresses.

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Mubarak Shah was an effective ruler and had the desire to extend the Sayyid Dynasty’s realm, but he was met with a great deal of opposition and mutiny. For 13 years, he struggled both inside and abroad to preserve the Delhi Sultanate secure and unbroken. He had spent his entire life suppressing one or more revolts. Mubarak Shah established Mubarakabad on the Yamuna River’s banks as his new capital city. Mubarak Shah was killed in 1434. Muhammad Shah, his nephew, took his place.


Who Was The Most Powerful Ruler Of The Sayyid Dynasty?

The founder of Sayyid Dynasty and the first ruler Sayyid Khizr Khan was regarded as the most vigorous ruler of the Sayyid dynasty as he is credited with helping Timur invade the Delhi Sultanate and also causing the fall of the old Tughlaq dynasty.

Who Was The Last Ruler Of The Sayyid Dynasty?

Ala-Ud-Din Alam Shah, also known as Alauddin Shah, was the last ruler of the Sayyid dynasty whose rule ended and started a new era of the Lodi dynasty of Bahlol Lodi.

Who Founded The Sayyid Dynasty?

Sayyid Khizr Khan is credited as the founder of The Sayyid dynasty, specific to the Delhi Sultanate started in the post-Tughlaq era (around 1414 A.D.).

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