Ala ud din sikandar shah I

ala ud din sikandar shah i of tughlaq dynasty

Delhi Sultanate was ruled by the Muslim Tughlaq dynasty, which had Turkic roots. When Ghazi Malik, also known as Ghiyath-al-Din Tughlaq, ascended to the throne in Delhi in 1320, the rule officially began. In the year 1414 AD, the dynasty came to an end.

About Ala ud din Sikandar Shah I

  1. He is the seventh ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty and the 23rd Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate.
  2. Sultan Muhammad Shah Tughluq’s son Ala ud-din Sikandar Shah was also known as Humayun Khan.
  3. On 1394 C.E., he succeeded to the imperial throne because he was the natural successor.
  4. He passed away from natural causes after one month and sixteen days of his ruling period.
  5. He was supplanted by Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Tughlaq who was his smaller brother
  6. Of this ephemeral reign, only billon and copper coins have been discovered.
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