Article 382 of the Indian Constitution

article 382 of indian constitution

Article 382 of the Indian Constitution was a part of Part XII of the Constitution. The aforementioned Article was described in Part XII of the Indian Constitution.

All About Article 382 of the Indian Constitution

The Constitutional provisions pertaining to provisional legislatures for States in Part A of the First Schedule are discussed in Article 382 of the Indian Constitution.

As a result of the 7th Constitutional amendment, this provision was removed in 1956.

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Winding UP

It should be noted that Article 382 is a provision that is only meant to be transitory and transitional, and that the legislature that this article refers to is one that has a provisional nature. However, it does not follow that legislation passed by a provisional Legislature must also be of a provisional nature. In the event that this was to happen, all laws passed by the provisional Legislature during the two years of its existence would no longer be valid unless they were ratified. Such an objective could not have been in the minds of the Constitution’s creators.

FAQs On Article 382

Which Amendment Has Removed Article 382 From The Constitution Of India?

In 1956, Article 382 was deleted by the 7th amendment to the Indian Constitution.

In Which Part Of The Indian Constitution Was Article 382 Outlined?

In Part XII of the Indian Constitution, Article 382 was outlined, but in the year 1956 with the Enactment of the 7th amendment in the Indian Constitution, the said Article was repealed.

What Is The First Schedule Of The Indian Constitution?

The names of the states and union territories are covered in the first schedule of the Indian Constitution. It also covers the territorial jurisdiction of the states.

What Are Part A States In India?

An elected governor and state legislature were in charge of the Part A states, which were once known as the governors’ provinces of British India. Among them are Assam, Bihar, Bombay, Madhya Pradesh, and so forth.

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