Alam Shah Of Sayyid Dynasty

alam shah of sayyid dynasty

The Sayyid Dynasty’s fourth and final king was Alauddin Alam Shah, who succeeded Muhammad Shah, his father.

Like his father, he gave himself over to sensual pleasures and proved to be an incapable ruler. He spent time reading the Quran because he was a dedicated Sunni Muslim.

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Reign of Ala-ud-din Shah

  1. Alauddin Alam Shah rose to the throne in 1445 and was deposed in 1451.
  2. A powerful and strong monarch was required to manage the Sultanate and rebuild the waning kingdom.
  3. But like his father Muhammad Shah, he was inept and enjoyed sensuous pleasures.
  4. He lacked the capacity and aptitude to exert control over the Sultanate’s government.
  5. In addition to relocating to Badaun, he gave his minister, Hamid, complete authority over all administrative tasks.
  6. Over time, Hamid Khan amassed all of the authority of the Sultanate and was so arrogant that he started disregarding the Sultan.
  7. Though the Sultan plotted against Hamid Khan to expel him, he failed to do so.
  8. In turn, Hamid Khan asked Bahlol Lodi, to slay Delhi.
  9. Bahlol Lodi, a governor of Multan, had been looking forward to this opportunity for a significant amount of time.
  10. He straightaway march to Delhi and took power and control in his hand.
  11. Bahlol Lodi proved to be much stronger than Hamid Khan had anticipated; instead, he refused to be his puppet. After his arrest, Hamid Khan was put to death.
  12. Alauddin Alam Shah was respectfully invited by Bahlol Lodi to reclaim his throne, but he declined politely.
  13. Bahlol Lodi removed Shah Alam from the kingdom in 1451.
  14. Up until his death in 1478, Alau-ud-din Shah ruled over Baduan. The Sayyid dynasty was then overthrown.


Ala-ud-din Alam Shah was often known as Alam Shah. The strength of Alauddin Shah’s rule was insufficient. He was not a very mighty ruler. The majority of kingdoms proclaimed their independence under his control.

He abandoned the position in 1448 and traveled to Badaun. The Lodi Dynasty was based three years after Bahlul Lodi gained the Delhi throne. Alauddin Alam Shah passed away in Badaun in 1478. The Sayyid Dynasty reached its end at this point.

The Lodi Dynasty, thus, succeeded the Sayyid Dynasty.

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