Article 392 Of The Indian Constitution

article 392 of indian constitution

In Article 392 of the Indian Constitution, the President is given the authority to remove any difficulties. The said Article is contained in Part XXI of the Constitution.

Provisions Of Article 392 Of The Indian Constitution

The Constitutional provisions of Artice 392 are as follows:

  1. The President may, by order, direct that this Constitution shall, during the term that may be indicated in the order, take effect subject to such adjustments, whether by way of modification, addition, or omission, as he may judge necessary or desirable in order to remove any obstacles, notably in regard to the transition from the provisions of the Government of India Act, 1935, to the provisions of this Constitution:

    With the caveat that no such order may be issued following the first sitting of the Parliament duly constituted in accordance with Chapter II of Part V.
  2. Every order made pursuant to clause (1) must be presented to Parliament.
  3. The Governor-General of the Dominion of India shall have the authority to exercise the functions granted to the President by this article, article 324, clause (3) of article 367, and article 391 prior to the commencement of this Constitution.

Government Of India Act 1935

Parliament in the United Kingdom provided the basis for the Government of India Act 1935. In August 1935, it first obtained royal approval. Before the Greater London Authority Act 1999 was passed, it held the record for the longest Act of (British) Parliament ever to be passed into law. The Government of India Act, 1935 retroactively divided the Act into two separate Acts due to its length:

  1. Government of India Act 1935
  2. Government of Burma Act 1935

In A Nutshell

According to Article 392 of the Indian Constitution, the President of India has the authority to resolve any issues that may arise during the transition from the Government of India Act,1935, to this Constitution’s provisions.

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FAQs On Article 392

What Is Article 392 Of The Constitution Of India All About?

The Indian Constitution grants the President the power to remove problems as per Article 392 of that constitution.

What Is Article 324 Of The Indian Constitution All About?

Article 324 stipulates that the superintendence, direction, and control of elections are to be entrusted to an Election Commission.

What Is Clause 3 Of Article 367 All About?

Clause 3 of Article 367 of the Indian Constitution says that any State other than India is referred to as a “foreign State” for the objectives of this Constitution.

What Is Article 391 All About?

In accordance with specified contingencies, the President may change the First and Fourth Schedules, according to Article 392 of the Indian Constitution.

What Is Chapter II Of Part V Of The Indian Constitution?

Chapter II contains Articles having provisions centered around the “Parliament” of Part V titled “The Union” of the Indian Constitution.

Which Article Grants President The Authority To Resolve Any Difficulties?

Article 392 bestows upon the President of India the authority to resolve any difficulties.

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