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Article 241 Of The Indian Constitution

article 241 of indian constitution

Article 241 of the Indian Constitution addresses the High Courts for Union territory.

The said article is covered in Part VIII of the Constitution that deals with “The Union Territories”.

This page provides you a valuable insight into Article 241.

Article 241 Of The Indian Constitution

  1. Parliament has the power to pass legislation that creates a High Court for a Union territory or declares any court in such a territory to be a High Court for all or some of the purposes of this Constitution.
  2. Every High Court mentioned in clause (1) is subject to the same provisions governing High Courts mentioned in article 214 of the Constitution as those described in Chapter V of Part VI, with any modifications or exceptions that Parliament may by legislation specify.
  3. Every High Court exercising jurisdiction over any Union territory immediately prior to the effective date of the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1956, shall continue to exercise such jurisdiction over that territory after the such effective date, subject to the provisions of this Constitution and the provisions of any law made by the appropriate Legislature pursuant to powers granted to that Legislature by or under this Constitution.
  4. There is nothing in this article that takes away from the competence of Parliament to expand or exclude the jurisdiction of a High Court for a State to or from any Union territory or part thereof.


Article 241 of the Constitution speaks about the High Court of Union Territories. The said Article was amended by the 7th amendment of the Indian Constitution.


What Is Article 241 All About?

The High Courts for Union territory are addressed in Article 241 of the Indian Constitution.

What Clause 1 Of 241 Deals With?

According to Clause 1 of Article 241 of the Indian Constitution, Parliament has the authority to make legislation that designates any court within a Union territory as a High Court for all or some purposes of this Constitution, or that establishes a High Court for a Union territory.

What Chapter V Of Part VI Of The Indian Constitution Deals With?

The High Courts in the State is the topic covered in Chapter V of Part VI of the Indian Constitution.

What Steps Must Be Taken To Shift A High Court’s Jurisdiction?

Only an Act of Parliament may change a High Court’s scope of authority.

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