96th Amendment Of Indian Constitution


The Orissa Assembly had passed a motion on August 28, 2008, that called on the Union government to fix the state’s misspelled name and language in the first and eighth schedules of the Constitution.

The 96th Amendment Of Indian Constitution

The 2011 Constitution (Ninety-Sixth Amendment) Act may be referred to as such. The 96th Amendment of the Indian Constitution was passed on September 23, 2011. The new constitutional amendment has changed the legal status of some states and regions. The main amendments enacted by the 96th Amendment include: changing the name of the language “From Oriya to Odia”.

Salient Features And Facts

  1. Government of Odisha requested the central government to change the language name specified as Oriya to Odia.
  2. Bill contained the name of the language mentioned in the English Schedule should be changed.

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Date Enacted

This act was enacted on 23, September 2011 by the House of Parliament in the Sixty-Second Year of Republic India.

Statement Of Objects And Reasons

  1. The Legislative Assembly of Orissa in Lok Sabha passed a resolution in August 2008 that, among other things, called for changing the name of the language designated as “Oriya” in the English Schedule of the Constitution to “Odia” and renaming the way the word “Odia” is translated into Hindi. The resolution also authorized the Government of Orissa to bring the issue before the Government of India for change.
  2. Amendment of Article  (One Hundred and Thirteenth Amendment) Bill, 2010, aims to rename the language included in the Indian Constitution’s English Schedule from “Oriya” to Odia “.

Prominent People Involved

The Bill was presented by Home Minister P. Chidambaram in Lok Sabha and was passed on 24 March 2011 in Rajya Sabha.

Important Provisions In 96th Amendment Of Indian Constitution

  1. In the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution, Orissa’s language was changed from Oriya to Odia as a result of this modification, and its spelling was changed from Orissa to Odisha as a legislative act.
  2. Amendment to Eighth Schedule: In Entry 15 of the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution, the word “Oriya” shall be replaced by the word “Odia.”

It was altered to Schedule 1. In Schedule 1, Entry 10 was changed from Orissa to Odisha, for instance, if Orissa became Odisha. The constitution has changed all places where the word “Orissa” has appeared (for example Article 164). There was a change to the entry in the fourth schedule.

Summing Up

The 96th Amendment made the following changes-

  1. The name of the language Oriya was changed to Odia.
  2. In the 8th schedule of the amendment, the word Oriya is replaced by Odia


What is the 96th amendment of the Indian Constitution?

“Oriya” was used in place of “Odia” in the 96th Amendment Act of 2011. Because of this, “Oriya” in the Eighth Schedule shall be pronounced “Odia”.

Why Orissa name changed to Odisha?

After British rule, some Indian states and cities had their names altered as a result of independence. The Odisha government chose to restore some local names to their former forms in response to requests from civil society.

What is Odisha real name?

In the past, Orissa was known as Kalinga. Utkal was another one of this area’s prehistoric names. It is well-known for being Lord Jagannath’s homeland.

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