Public Administration Optional For UPSC

public administration optional for upsc

Public Administration Optional For UPSC is a very renowned elective and has a vast applicability in the exam.. Due to its applicability to an IAS officer’s job position, it is one of the most well-liked options. It is also a subject with a lot of concepts. This subject will appeal to you because it mostly requires conceptual comprehension, if you are one not a very big fan of memorization.

Additionally, the accessibility of resources and the subject’s simplicity influence candidates’ decisions to select this elective subject.

Comparison/Similarity With Other Optional Papers

The other GS papers and the Public Administration optional share a significant amount of content. This greatly aids in GS Papers 2 and 3, as well as Paper 4. The candidates benefit greatly from these time savings. On the other hand, sociology just slightly aids in the Essay portion.

Advantages In Public Administration Optional For UPSC

Public administration is a good choice if you want to perform well in the UPSC Civil Services Main Exam. Its advantages have been listed below.

  1. You will gain an understanding of how the government functions and the many policies in place through this topic.
  2. Public administration course material is straightforward and generally condensed. Additionally, it will get you ready for the interview stage.
  3. Frequently throughout the interview, the interviewer would broach subjects covered in the Public Administration optional paper. You will be able to confidently respond to questions if you have in-depth knowledge of these subjects.
  4. Future administrators will undoubtedly find this introduction to public administration’s workings very useful.
  5. Since public administration is the easiest of the optional subjects, you should be able to achieve 300+ marks with careful study planning.
  6. Public administration has a limited course curriculum which is well-defined and simple to follow.
  7. If you’re interested in finding out how government agencies operate, taking public administration as an elective topic is a great choice. Along with this, you will discover more about the functions and tasks of several government agencies.

Mastering The Subject From Basics

  1. The fundamentals of the subject require a committed approach to master. The easiest approach to accomplish this goal is to enjoy the lessons you are receiving. This entails focusing on the topic more and reading more books about it. It also entails demonstrating an enthusiasm for the issue by engaging in conversation about it.
  2. A subject mastery template can help you remember crucial ideas and critical details. To neatly arrange your notes and information, you can copy the template into a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel.
  3. It’s beneficial to recognize your knowledge gaps when learning a new subject. After that, you can keep studying until all of the holes are filled. This can be accomplished by reading out the explanations or simplifying them. This can be accomplished by clarifying explanations or reading them aloud to identify any crucial aspects that you have missed.
  4. You can enlist a friend or a youngster to assist you in learning the subject.

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Tips for Acing the Exam

  1. Given how competitive this subject is, candidates who choose it should be careful not to write cliched replies. Since many candidates choose this topic, you need to make sure that your responses stand out in order to achieve good exam scores.
  2. In order to write about public administration with confidence and ease, one spends good time to familiarize themselves with the core concepts of the subject.

What Time Duration Is Required For Preparation?

You are in a very advantageous position if you are thinking about choosing public administration as an elective subject. Your ability to think critically will be tested on the exam, and this option is excellent for raising your score. Additionally, you’ll learn how to navigate the social realities of life.

You can finish the Public Administration optional subject for the UPSC IAS Mains in four to five months and 12 to 15 hours a week of study time is mostly suggested. One must properly learn the syllabus during this period. One should also take this time to become familiar with the fundamental ideas of public administration so that one can write about them with ease and assurance.

Overlapping Syllabus With GS

  1. The GS syllabus and the syllabus for the Public Administration optional share a lot of content. Consequently, applicants who choose to pursue this subject will gain a lot in GS Papers 2 and 3. Additionally, it saves a lot of time. On the other hand, only paper 1 and the Essay benefit significantly from the Sociology optional.
  2. The GS II syllabus and the Public Administration syllabus overlap significantly in paper II of the course. Additionally, the Sociology syllabus contains materials pertinent to GS I and GS II. For UPSC aspirants, taking this subject is quite beneficial. Before choosing this choice, there are a few crucial considerations. Make sure you pick the appropriate one for your favorite stream.
  3. Making the appropriate optional selection is essential to performing well in the UPSC CSE Mains. Public Administration is a very popular subject. It has a direct bearing on how IAS official conducts themselves on a daily basis. Additionally, it shares connections with the General Studies Papers II and III as well as the General Studies Papers I, II, and III.

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Help With Essay paper

  1. Knowing the material inside and out is essential to passing Public Administration Optional. You must confirm that you are familiar with and fully comprehend all of the ideas. It’s crucial that you offer examples to support your arguments. You should write this in a logical manner, using administrative terminology and examples.
  2. This subject’s syllabus is brief and to the point. Studying is made simple by this. A lot of study materials and instructions prepared by professionals are also available. The topic is also rational and scientific. This aids in quickly preparing the subject for the main examination. That is one of the primary factors contributing to its popularity.
  3. Nearly 1,200 candidates choose public administration as one of their preferred courses for the UPSC Main test each year. The syllabus is straightforward, but the ideas are understandable and simple. Though the subject is competitive, careful planning will pay off. Additionally, it is helpful for the essay and the interview.

Help In Interview

  1. Public administration is a great subject option if you want to enter the public service. It is fiercely competitive and concentrates on the duties and operations of administration. You’ll perform better in the interview and will also benefit from your general studies and essay writing if you do well in this area. You can use it to your advantage in the workplace as well.
  2. Despite not being a requirement for the selection process, the subject is extremely important to the job of an IAS officer. These topics demand conceptual comprehension because they are very conceptual. You must comprehend the fundamental ideas behind this subject and be able to put them to use.
  3. There are numerous study options available if public administration is of interest to you. You should take care when selecting the appropriate study material, though. You should avoid reading books that cover the same ideas as other subjects, for instance. The finest study materials are those that address the subject’s fundamentals. This will improve your grade and strengthen your conceptual understanding.

Data/Scores Available

Nearly 50% of 2012’s successful applicants chose public administration as one of their electives which is a significant amount. This shows how popular this course is among the masses.


Public administration is an optional subject for the UPSC, and as has been mentioned, it is one of the most popular selections. This is due to the syllabus’s condensed size and straightforward organization. Public administration is a concept-oriented subject that, in contrast to other disciplines that call for cramming, more than anything else requires interest and comprehension.

The statistics data shows how well-liked the course is. The subject has a lot more advantages than standard optionals because it aids in writing essays and interview preparation.

Overall, if someone is sincerely interested in studying the topic, it is a wonderful alternative to pursue.


Which optional subject is better – Sociology or Public Administration?

Due to the better availability of quality courses and the simplicity of the syllabus, Public Administration is considered to be a better course than Sociology.

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