Political Science Optional For UPSC

political science optional for upsc

UPSC provides Political Science as the optional subject for the main test. It is a quite popular optional subject. It is widely chosen by many IAS Exam top performers. As a result of the extensive syllabus for this optional topic, many IAS applicants have stopped choosing Political Science optional for UPSC
One of the most useful and important disciplines for anyone preparing for the civil service test and hoping to work for the government as a civil servant is a political science. Any candidate for the civil service who wants to work in administration needs to be well-versed in political science foundations and aware of the political environment in which they will be operating.

Advantages Of Political Science Optional For UPSC

There are several advantages of choosing Political Science as an Optional subject. These are as follows:

  1. Time Saving and Integration of Efforts – Candidates would have to study Political Science and International Relations if they select it as their UPSC Mains Optional subject, taking away time from other subjects. They may be able to better integrate their UPSC Mains and Preliminary preparation as a result.
  2. Easy to Understand – Without having a background in political science, applicants can readily understand and study this subject because it is just mildly technical. The ideas are broad enough to be understood and learned by anyone who regularly reads newspapers and journals.
  3. Easier than Other Subjects – The idea that political science has a broad syllabus is only partially accurate. In reality, many of the topics—such as Marxism, Marx, Marxist concepts of state, Gramsci, etc.—are discussed frequently. Many subjects, including Mill, Bentham, and liberal conceptions of the state, justice, democracy, etc., are also very closely related. This makes the subject a lot easier as compared to other optional subjects.
  4. Current Affairs Preparation – Being well-versed in this subject’s material can also help you prepare for the IAS Current Affairs exam.
  5. Benefit in Interview Round – A solid understanding of political concepts such as international relations, government, etc. might come in extremely handy during the interview stage.

Disadvantages Of Political Science Optional For UPSC

There is no question at all about the value of choosing political science as an elective. To acquire a whole picture of the subject’s function, we must also consider the other side of the coin.

Among the difficulties you could experience, some are as follows:

  1. Abundance of concepts based on the theory that could lead to cramming a lot of content.
  2. Choosing the most succinct notes possible for lengthy events.
  3. Good writing and question-framing skills are always needed.
  4. There is always a need for accuracy and research due to the theoretical aspect of the subject.

Political Science Optional Syllabus

Let us take a look at the syllabus for political science for UPSC mains exams.

Political Science Optional Syllabus For UPSC

Recent Toppers With Political Science Optional For UPSC

Numerous IAS aspirants who chose political science and international relations as optional passed the IAS Exam with flying colors.

The most well-known was Tina Dabi, who in her first attempt at the 2015 civil services exam earned the top spot. Dabi did well in both of her elective papers. In her optional papers I and II, she received 128 and 171 out of 250 points, respectively. She increased her overall score undoubtedly as a result of these marks.


India’s top exams are those administered by UPSC. Given its high status, it also has some capable obstacles. In order to perform well on the UPSC, the candidate must be intelligent and use the proper strategies. One such smart and intelligent strategy is to select the most popular elective subject that can produce the most outcomes with the least amount of work.

Political science and international relations might be considered optional disciplines because they provide a lot of complementary material to practice and also provide a useful framework for getting ready for current events.


How good is Political Science as an optional subject in UPSC?

Political Science is an optional subject provided by the UPSC for the main test. It is a well-liked optional course that several IAS Exam high performers selected.

Is Political Science optional a tough subject to crack?

There is a perception among aspirants that PSIR is one of the toughest optional papers. Although, it is all about your interest in the subject. It can sometimes depend upon your background like your graduation. Undoubtedly, there are benefits to taking political science as an optional subject.

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