Nasir Ud Din Muhammad Shah III: Sultan Of Tughlaq Dynasty

nasir ud din muhammad shah iii

The Muslim Tughlaq dynasty was ruled by Muhammad Shah. His father was Sultan Feroze Shah Tughluq.

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Nasir Ud Din Muhammad Shah III: Facts

  1. Muhammad Shah was the 22nd Emperor of the Delhi Sultanate and the sixth monarch of the Tughlaq dynasty.
  2. Abu Bakr Shah reigned before him. Ala ud-din Sikandar Shah succeeded him.
  3. Muhammad Shah was the uncle of the Sultan Abu Bakr Shah Tughluq. He resisted Abu Bakr after he seized power over the Tughlaq dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate and engaged in a power struggle for the throne.
  4. He attacked Delhi in August 1390. Also engaged Abu Bakr Khan in a struggle for the capital’s sovereignty.
  5. After the eventual defeat of Abu Bakr. In 1390, Muhammad Shah ascended to the throne and ruled until 1394.
  6. After his defeat, Sultan Muhammad arrested Abu Bakr. He incarcerated him in the fort at Meerut, where he soon perished.
  7. On January 20, 1394, Muhammad Shah passed away. He oversaw the Delhi Kingdom for 4 years till he passed away.


In 1390, Nasir ud din Muhammad Shah III ascended to the throne. He was the Tughlaq dynasty’s Sultan, who held power in the Delhi Sultanate until 1394. His older son, Ala ud-din Sikandar Shah, succeeded him after his death, but he died of sickness on Jan 20, 1394. Eventually, Nasiruddin Mahmud, the younger son of Nasiruddin Shah III, stepped in. He was the last emperor of the Tughlaq dynasty who ruled the Delhi Sultanate.


Who Laid The Foundation Of The Tughluq dynasty?

The Tughluq dynasty was started by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq, also known as Ghazi Malik.

Who Is The Last Monarch Of The Tughlaq dynasty?

Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Tughlaq was the last monarch of the Tughlaq Dynasty who ruled the Kingdom of Delhi.

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