A Comprehensive Guide On How To Study The Hindu Newspaper Editorial For UPSC CSE 2022

how to study the hindu newspaper editorial for upsc

The Hindu editorials for UPSC CSE are considered to be an effective tool by the UPSC aspirants.

With the CSE Mains exams around the corner, it is about time you catch up with your preparations, especially the question in relation to Hindu e-paper.

UPSC CSE is a very competitive exam that is a gateway to higher studies and a government job. The exam is a very stressful one and requires a lot of preparation and planning.  

One of the biggest components of the CSE exams is the General Studies section, and for that, you need to know how to study the Hindu newspaper editorial for UPSC CSE preparation.

This section requires you to have a working knowledge of diverse subjects. To help you with this, Hindu editorials offer valuable insights into current issues, history, economics, polity, society, culture, and international relations.

This is one of the things that candidates should keep in mind for hot topics. This blog will help you understand how to make the most of the Hindu editorials for CSE or IAS Exam preparations within the minimum time limit.

What Are Editorials?

how to study the hindu newspaper editorial for upsc sample paper
an editorial

The dictionary defines an editorial as ‘a piece of writing that gives the author’s opinion on a subject.’

They are opinions on a given subject topic, written in a strongly worded format, usually with several points.

In media, Editorials are a type of news article where one or a few knowledgeable people express their opinion on a newsworthy topic or socio-economic issue. These editorials are usually published in a separate column across newspapers or a website where they can be read by a larger audience.

Editorials are one of the most common types of content published by news networks and websites.

Content such as this is also known as op-eds.

These editorials usually come from a single author and express a clear opinion on a newsworthy topic. They are usually popular content types and can serve a variety of purposes.

Why Are Editorials Important?

Editorials give a more detailed or in-depth analysis of a topic or a current event. They are not as informal as a daily news piece, but not as formal as a research paper.

Editorials serve as a medium of thought and opinion of a writer or a group of writers. Reading editorials will help you broaden your horizons and make you a more well-rounded person.

This is because they make you see different viewpoints and insights that you may not be aware of while someone deals with the news.

Here we will look at the different sides of the editorials and what we can learn from them.

The topic of the editorial can be anything from political news, regional news, sports news, to culture, to popular trends.

As a reader, you may be interested in editorials for a variety of reasons, such as gaining insight into societal trivial issues, for the preparation of exams like UPSC Civil Services Exam, Prelims Exam, or perhaps you are simply curious as to how an industry leader views are given in news headlines.

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Why You Should Read Hindu Editorials For UPSC CSE Preparation?

Editorials are important from the UPSC exam point of view as reading editorials not only provides you with a lot of information for current affairs and GS papers but also shapes your perspective according to the need for prestigious examinations like UPSC CSE.

What does UPSC actually seek? A perspective and an opinion of course.

You can use facts, figures, and information from the editorial part for the Prelims section but for the Mains section, you need a fresh, neutral, and opinionated perspective so that you can actually write a good answer.

Keeping aside the examination purpose, it is a fact that every good learned citizen must have some serious and neutral opinions on the ongoing issues, Governance, defense, International relations, and various topics.

Reading a newspaper article like an editorial from any newspaper whether it is “The Hindu” or “The Indian Express”, is very important to keep oneself informative and knowledgeable.

What makes “The Hindu Editorials” so important for the UPSC CSE is its coverage of almost every topic from Politics to Bollywood to crucial issues. Without being cheesy and exaggerative, it maintains the traditional style of news dissemination by following the 5 W’s and H rule on the news writing front and by following the norms, standards, and structure on the news distribution front.

You can also go for ‘The Indian Express’ as it is also a very important and famous newspaper among the UPSC aspirants. Editorials and news articles of these newspapers cover most of the subjects in a neutral and well-structured way by not being biased which is important for the preparation of UPSC CSE Mains answer writing.

How To Study The Hindu Newspaper Editorial For UPSC CSE?

  1. Read every article and editorial relevant to your UPSC CSE syllabus without getting distracted. For that, you have to go through the entire syllabus first and align every current topic with your reading and learnings to reap the most out of it.

  2. Read it with the purpose of writing a well-written, structured, and unbiased opinionated answer for GS papers, especially for GS- 2 and GS-3 papers. A qualitative answer with independent opinion is always appreciated.

  3. Read actively on a daily basis and try to write every understanding and learning of yours on the paper. Keeping profound notes of your answers will help you in the longer run.

  4. Read it without getting too much affection for a particular opinion for UPSC preparation. Try to understand the writer’s perspective and do some research on crucial articles and informative articles that helps in shaping your perspective also.

What Is Relevant And Deserves Your Attention?

  1. You can search for any judgment or ruling/remark by the Supreme Court or the High Court to understand the writer’s opinion and find out the relevance in the syllabus of the judgments you note down.

  2. The social issues or challenges are some of the important points that demand your attention as this will not only help you in the written examination but also in the interview. Identification of problems and issues in the editorials is necessary. Understanding the pros and cons of making notes of the recent incidents will be helpful. You can quote them to validate your point. E.g. -caste riots, moral policing, restriction on freedom of speech, etc.

  3. Make notes on the issue being discussed in the Government by the departments/ministries. Also understanding the pros and cons of the issue is equally important. E.g. linking rivers, water conservation, etc.

  4. The schemes, policies & initiatives by the government need to be identified. From a Prelims preparation point of view, this is very important.

You might want to take notes on some of the following:

  1. Objectives and Aims of the policies made by the Government.

  2. Ministry and department under which it operates.

  3. Key points of the policy.

  4. Constitutional provisions related to the schemes and policies.

  5. For the UPSC Mains, you need to understand the issues related to the policy/scheme and should have a neutral opinion on it.

From Where Can You Get The Hindu Editorial PDFs?

Generally found in the physical format in the Editorial, OP-ED, or in the Opinion section of the newspaper. You can also subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan from their official website, for both the e-paper and the editorial.

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