9 Effortless Tips: How To Read “The Hindu” Newspaper For Current Affairs For UPSC 2022

how to read the hindu for upsc

As current affairs are the backbone of UPSC, it is required to prepare wisely. Many aspirants ponder on how to read The Hindu for UPSC current affairs and that too in minimum time. Whether the aspirants are at the beginners level or at an intermediate level, the importance of reading newspapers (for preparing for UPSC) is not hidden from them.

Due to its high standards “The Hindu” newspaper is the most recommended newspaper and is also suggested by toppers. One can go either for a print version or a digital version for the full-fledged preparation of UPSC with regards to current affairs. If you want to know how to read The Hindu for UPSC to cover current affairs effectively in minimum time to ace your UPSC CSE Preparation, read this article further.

Why “The Hindu” Newspaper For Current Affairs For UPSC?

Though there are many newspapers available, it is important to go through “The Hindu” newspaper for current affairs due to the following factors listed below:

  1. News and opinions are well distinguished.
  2. Priorities are given to the areas of national concern.
  3. You will get the best critical analysis of the government policies.
  4. Contains an editorial section that covers important topics via a comprehensive approach. In short, it provides a key insight into important issues.

How To Cover “The Hindu” Newspaper For Current Affairs In Minimal Time

A lot of candidates seek an answer to the question “how to read the Hindu for UPSC in the least amount of time” to cover current news with ease. So for this, we don’t have to go through each and every piece of news in the newspaper.

While going through the paper focus on the important areas and skim through not so important sections of the paper. Initially, you took extra time in filtering the relevant information but with time you can do so in lesser time. Remember, only spend 1:30 to 2 hours per day (or less) as you have to cover other subjects as well.

How To Read The Hindu For UPSC Preparation?

11 power effective tips are mentioned below that will aid you in how to read the Hindu for UPSC current affairs preparation:

  1. Learning the basic concepts of the newspaper not only kills your time but also down your confidence. Instead, try to understand the concepts which will not only be helpful in retaining them in your memory but also helps you to understand the articles better.
  2. Page 1 Or Front Page: Don’t waste much time on the front page of “The Hindu” newspaper. Just skim through the news headlines (once) of the 1st page of “The Hindu” newspaper.
  3. Pages 2-5: Regional news that varies from one city to another is usually present on pages 2-3 whereas pages 4-5 contain the state-specific news. However, because these are not so important in the UPSC exam, feel free to omit these.
  4. Page 7: Emphasize more on national news. In short focus on the verdicts of the high courts and supreme court as it is important from the exam point of view. Also, emphasize more on parliamentary debates and Government orders and their policies. For such information refer to page number 7 of “The Hindu” newspaper.
  5. Editorial Section (Usually Page 8): From the UPSC Exam perspective, the most important section of “The Hindu” newspaper is the editorial section. This section is usually present on the 8th page of “The Hindu” newspaper. Read the two editorials thoroughly that are given in the left margin of the newspaper.
  6. Page 9 or Perspective Page: To have a different view on the current issue go through the perspective page of the newspaper which is usually the 9th page of “The Hindu” newspaper. This page contains the articles referred to as “comments” by “The Hindu”. The author who is not affiliated with the publication’s editorial board pens their opinions in this section that provides a different view angle of the current issue.
  7. Page 10-11: These pages usually contain the general news, so there is no need to get bogged down in all the political news, or issues. Just have a basic understanding of what is happening.
  8. However, focus on political news or issues in regard to the Constitution of India, and legislative and administrative processes.
  9. Page 12: Give some time to the topic of International relations (if something major happens) as well as it is a part of the UPSC Syllabus. To read the world news refers to page 12.
  10. Pages 13-14: Put your attention towards socio-economic news or issues as well. Read in-depth about the issues related to health, women’s education, or any policy affecting vulnerable sections of society. Go through the business-related issues as well. Refer to pages 13-14 for such issue-related news.
  11. Sports Page: Go through the sports section of the newspaper as though not many questions are asked from this section but in UPSC Prelims 2021 questions from this section have appeared.

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What should be focused on?

The following topics need to be prepared in order to give you the edge:

  • National and international topics or issues.
  • Really in-depth analysis of current issues. It could be an article in the Opinion or Editorial section.
  • Current issues related to geography, natural disasters, environment, and climate change.
  • News and Editorials related to socio-economic issues, women issues, health issues, etc.
  • Constitution, constitutional amendments topics.
  • Read the topics related to Governance, government policies, and government schemes.
  • Not only Supreme Court and High Court verdicts, but also relevant articles related to multilateral forums, diplomatic relations or topics with reference to international law, and many more.
  • Topics or news related to budget, poverty, employment, the World and Indian economy, and national and international security.

What should not be focused on?

While covering the current affairs from the newspaper for IAS preparation, the following topics don’t need your attention:

  1. Political issues.
  2. Local news.
  3. News on Trivial facts such as sports news like sports titles, awards, personalities in news, etc. should be ignored.
  4. Gossip news (such as movie reviews, wardrobe malfunctions, and celebrity interviews) that is not found in the Hindu does not require to be covered for UPSC Exam.  

Can Aspirants Clear UPSC Without considering “The Hindu” Newspaper For Current Affairs

The answer is obviously yes. You may refer to other newspapers (like “Indian Express) as well or can opt for other alternatives like weekly or monthly magazines, apps or websites, and many more to read current affairs effectively for UPSC. All the available substitutes are good that can be considered for preparing current affairs for UPSC. The only thing that should be kept in mind is to keep the resources limited and spend the time revising again and again, instead of going through multiple sources which will down your preparation process.

Should I skip the newspaper and get my news from current affairs PDF files?

News is a very important part of a UPSC aspirant’s life. It helps them to keep up with what’s going on in the world and how it affects us.

However, there are many people who don’t like reading newspapers because they feel it’s too time-consuming and boring.

But you should never skip reading newspapers as it helps you to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings around the world. In addition to that, newspapers help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills as well as develop your critical thinking capabilities.

Although you might think of current affairs PDFs as substitutes for reading newspapers, they’re just supplements. 

The problem with current affairs PDFs is that they don’t contain all the relevant information that you need in order to make up your mind about an issue or event. You may think that reading a quick summary will do the trick but often it doesn’t. All too often these summaries only scratch the surface of what’s actually going on and give little insight into why things happened. However, newspapers give you a broad perspective on what’s happening around the world in a single glance.

Hence, we should not skip newspaper as PDFs are crisp that usually doesn’t contain all the relevant information. But it does not mean that we will leave PDFs. These PDFs or monthly magazines will help you with revision.

Is it worth my time to watch daily current affairs/newspaper summary videos?

Video is the most engaging and powerful way to learn. The Daily Current Affairs/Newspaper Summary videos are not meant for everyone. If you are able to read through a topic in thirty minutes from the newspaper then there is no need to spend an hour listening to a video about it. You can review the text and understand it better.

If only you are unable to understand the given topic then only watch daily news analysis videos for complex topics.

If you have time constraints then this is definitely going to help you as it will cover the entire newspaper in just a few minutes which otherwise would take weeks of reading.


Though all the sources cover most of the relevant information linked to the UPSC that doesn’t imply running behind multiple sources to study everything under the sky. Instead, revise what you have studied from the limited resources so that you can hold a grip on the knowledge you gained.

If you are unable to understand what to read and what to avoid in “The Hindu” newspaper, take the help of Examarly. This platform without any delay provides you with what to study from “The Hindu” newspaper for current affairs daily. Think we helped you in figuring out how to read the Hindu for UPSC? Show some love in the comment section below!

FAQs about how to read the Hindu for UPSC

Q1. What newspapers to follow to cover current affairs for UPSC?

The Hindu newspaper and Indian Express newspaper are worth reading to cover current affairs for IAS exam preparation.

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