Gujarati Literature Optional For UPSC

gujarati literature optional for upsc

Gujarati literature Optional For UPSC is there in the list of optional literature papers to choose from. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, the language is extensively spoken. Gujarati has been designated as one of the official languages of the Union of India and is listed in the Constitution of India’s eighth schedule.

Gujarati is an optional subject that candidates may choose to take if they are proficient in the language.

For the IAS Exam, candidates should review the Gujarati literature syllabus. Gujarati optional syllabus for the UPSC Mains Exam is concise and clearly laid out. 

Read it further to clearly understand the syllabus, what are its merits and demerits to choose this paper, what preparation strategies should follow for UPSC Exam, and which books should consider.

Syllabus Of Gujarati Literature Optional For UPSC

UPSC Gujarati Optional Syllabus Of Paper-I (Section-A)

(Answers must be written in Gujarati)

Gujarati Language: Form and history

  1. History of Gujarati Language with special reference to New Indo-Aryan i.e. last one thousand years.
  2. Significant features of the Gujarati language: Phonology, morphology and syntax.
  3. Major dialects: Surti, Pattani, charotari, and Saurashtri.

History of Gujarati Literature


  1. Jaina tradition
  2. Bhakti tradition: Sagun and Nirgun (Jnanmargi)
  3. Non-sectarian tradition (Laukik parampara)


  1. Sudharak yug
  2. Pandit yug
  3. Gandhi yug
  4. Anu-Gandhi yug
  5. Adhunik yug

UPSC Gujarati Optional Syllabus Of Paper-I (Section-B)

Literary Forms : (Salient features, history and development of the following literary forms):

  1. Medieval
    • Narratives: Rasa, Akhyan and Padyavarta
    • Lyrical: Pada
  2. Folk
    • Bhavai
  3. Modern
    • Fiction: Novel and short story
    • Drama
    • Literary Essay
    • Lyrical Poetry
  4. Criticism
    • History of theoretical Gujarati criticism
    • Recent research in folk tradition

UPSC Gujarati Optional Syllabus Of Paper-II (Section-A)

(Answers must be written in Gujarati)

The paper will reqire first hand reading of the texts prescribed and will be designed to test the critical ability of the candidate.

  1. Medieval
    • Vasantvilas phagu-Ajnatkrut
    • Kadambari-Bhalan
    • Sudamacharitra-Premanand
    • Chandrachandravatini varta-Shamal
    • Akhegeeta-Akho
  2. Sudharakyug & Pandityug
    • Mari Hakikat-Narmadashankar Dave
    • Farbasveerah- Dalpatram
    • Saraswatichandra-Part-I Govar-dhanram Tripathi
    • Purvalap- ‘Kant’ (Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt)
    • Raino Parvat-Ramanbhai Neel-kanth

UPSC Gujarati Optional Syllabus Of Paper-II (Section-B)

  1. Gandhiyug & Anu Gandhiyug
    • Hind Swaraj-Mohandas Kar-machand Gandhi
    • Patanni Prabhuta- Kanhaiyalal Munshi
    • Kavyani Shakti- Ramnarayan Vish-wanath Pathak
    • Saurashtrani Rasdhar Part 1- Zaver-chand Meghani
    • Manvini Bhavai-Pannalal Patel
    • Dhvani-Rajendra Shah
  2. Adhunik yug
    • Saptapadi-Umashankar Joshi
    • Janantike- Suresh Joshi
    • Ashwatthama- Sitanshu Yash-aschandra

Merits And Demerits Of Choosing Gujarati Optional

Merits Of Choosing Gujarati Literature Optional For UPSC

  1. A well-structured syllabus with minimal subjectivity.
  2. Direct and simple questions used to be asked in the exam.
  3. There is plenty of room to score more marks with diagrams.
  4. The questions surrounding this topic are crucial in nature.
  5. Written responses provide some space for interpretation.
  6. There are no restrictions on the variety of answers, therefore quality is unaffected.
  7. The syllabus rarely gets updated.

Demerits Of Choosing Gujarati Literature Optional For UPSC

  1. An inadequate amount of resources are available to cover the syllabus.
  2. There is no crossover between the syllabus and the GS papers. This implies you have to take extra time in covering optional as well apart from covering Prelims and other GS Papers of Mains.
  3. If you are not well-versed in the subject then it is difficult for you to cover the syllabus of Gujarati Literature optional For UPSC CSE.

Preparation Tips

For candidates studying for the upcoming exam, preparation advice is crucial. 

Candidates should begin preparing if they plan to take the UPSC CSE Exam. Before beginning their study, applicants are encouraged to carefully review the UPSC CSE Syllabus and Exam Pattern so that they may develop a planned UPSC approach. The candidates’ preparation may benefit from the advice provided below:

  1. Prior to the exam, at least one revision of the entire syllabus is required. It is crucial for the students to have a solid comprehension of the Gujarati basics and topics included in the syllabus. They will be better prepared for the exam if they have a solid understanding of the topics covered in the Gujarati syllabus.
  2. To make sure they don’t fail to revise the material at the last minute, candidates might also take notes on crucial Gujarati subjects. Producing timelines and flowcharts may also assist students in their preparation.
  3. It is imperative to not skip revision because it is a crucial part of any exam preparation.
  4. They will learn what kind of questions to anticipate and so increase their speed and accuracy by working through the questions from these UPSC Previous Year Papers.

Gujarati Literature Optional Books For UPSC

You can prepare for the Civil Service Examination by reading some of the suggested books to cover the Syllabus of Gujarati Literature optional for UPSC Mains. Gujarati Literature Optional Books for the two papers of UPSC Mains are enumerated below.

Gujarati Literature Optional Books For UPSC Paper I

  1. Sattar Sahitya Swarup- Prasad Brahmbhatt
  2. Madhyakalin Gujarati Literature- Vasuben Trivedi book
  3. Bhasha Vigyan- Jayant Kothari
  4. History of Gujarati Literature- Dhirubhai Thakar
  5. Bhasha Parichay Ane Gujarati Bhashanu Swarup- Jayant Kothari
  6. Madhyakalin Gujarati Sahitya No Itihas- Dr. Ramesh M
  7. Loksahitya- Pamphlets
  8. Arvachin Gujarati Sahitya ni Vikas Rekha

Gujarati Literature Optional Books For UPSC Paper II

  1. Ashwatthama – Sitanshu Yashaschandra
  2. Dhwani – Rajendra Shah
  3. Hind Swaraj – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  4. Kaavya ni Shakti – RamNarayan Vishvanath Pathak
  5. AkheGeeta – Akho
  6. Chandra-Chandrawati Varta – Shamal
  7. Farbas Virah – DalpatRam
  8. Janantike – Suresh Joshi
  9. Kadambari – Balan


Owing to the lesser amount of applicants choosing Gujarati Literature as an optional paper, it is beneficial to opt for this paper. In order to succeed, it is crucial to have a strong command of the language and prepare it wisely.


Does Gujarati Literature Make A Good UPSC Optional?

Because so few candidates choose Gujarati Literature as a topic, having it as an option would be quite beneficial.

Who Can Opt For Gujarati Literature Optional Subject In UPSC Mains?

Gujarati literature can be chosen as an optional subject for theUPSC Exam by those who have studied it. Students should maintain the IAS Mains Gujarati Syllabus and previous papers on hand for reference while they study because analytical and unconventional questions will be found in the previous papers. Candidates who are fluent in Gujarati and are knowledgeable about its grammatical rules can easily achieve high scores in this optional.

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