Can An Average Student Crack UPSC Exam In The 1st Attempt?

can an average student crack upsc

“Can an average student crack UPSC?” – A question that is frequently asked by many aspirants.

UPSC is the coveted competitive exam where applicants are way more in number than seats. Well, you can start thinking about this question from knowing “What kind of aspirants qualify for UPSC?”

UPSC is not seeking any academic record holder. If this would be the case then the most difficult exam would not be framed in the first place.

UPSC wants one who can think in a multifaceted way to overcome any difficult situation. So yes anyone (whether achiever or non-achiever) can clear UPSC civil services exam because problem-solving and decision-making are the skill sets and attributes that are looked out for!

If you are one who is not a high percentage holder, don’t worry at all. If it’s your dream to be a future administrative officer, then your (past) academic result won’t hold you back. In terms of educational qualifications, the only requirement is graduation.

An aspirant must know what is driving him or her to appear for UPSC CSE. There is no tie-in between UPSC Exam Preparation and your past academic marks. Nothing can halt the candidate from achieving success in UPSC if he/she is determined to succeed.

By following a positive approach toward your goal and having faith in yourself, you will be able to clear the UPSC exam.

Civil Servants: Role Models For Average Students To Clear UPSC Exam

The Civil Services Exam is the toughest exam so it is indispensable to wonder, “Can an average student crack UPSC?”

There are many who were average in their school or college but that never stopped them. There are many ‘average’ students who cleared the IAS exam on their first try. Like:

  1. Himanshu Kaushik has secured an AIR 77 in his first attempt in UPSC 2017. According to him, one needs to be focused on learning and should avoid all negativity.

  2. Israel Jeba Singh has secured an AIR 59 in UPSC 2004. In his interview, he remarked, “Being passionate about something is what matters the most when you want to make a change in it. No matter what your grades are, you will achieve it if you continue to have the fire.”
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Does Academic Performance Overshadow The Selection Process?

Factors That Success Depend Upon

Academic records or marks are not true to scale your capabilities. Some of the factors are listed below on which success in the UPSC civil services examination depends:

  1. Hunger to Achieve: Hunger, for it motivates you to study more consistently. In short, Your hunger to taste success can change you from being average to a topper.

  2. Interest: If you have a keen interest in IAS, then you are able to study smoothly by crossing every hurdle that comes your way.

  3. Consistency: Although achievable, there are no shortcuts to success in this tough exam. Consistency is another important factor that inculcates the character of discipline, boosts confidence level, and resists you from being under pressure. The IAS examination is structured in such a way that it tests consistency.

  4. Perseverance: It is important as it enables you to overcome obstacles and aids you to step forward towards your goal by building your inner strength.

How Can An Average Student Commence Preparation?

  1. Don’t dwell on the past: First of all, ignore your past and stop giving an excuse that you are average. No one in this world is perfect. We all commit mistakes. So just stick to your dream and move forward. Leaving the past behind is the key to success.

  2. Plan your strategy: To sketch out the strategy or the study schedule you need to go to the syllabus and the previous year’s paper to understand the exam pattern and structure of the questions. Plan your schedule in such a way so as to go through the vast UPSC Syllabus at least twice, revise it a couple of times and practice enough mock tests and previous year’s papers. Planning out your strategy and sticking to it is key to candidate success.

  3. Divide the syllabus: Divide UPSC Syllabus into chunks so that you are able to build a solid grip over what you have studied. As research suggests that smaller portions are easier to understand compared to the bigger portion in one go. Dividing and studying according to the syllabus with determination can make your dream come true.


Remember it is we who resist ourselves in accomplishing our dreams. The limitations or the constraints that we talk about are only prevailing in our minds.

So just break the barrier and with your hard work hold your dream to your path of success. We at this stage are well equipped with the knowledge we gain in academics.

Just think about the skills you have, the work you are determined to put in, and the time you’re willing to dedicate, and you’re good to go!

Can an average student crack UPSC exams in their 1st attempt? Yes, they definitely can!

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