Best Online Platform For UPSC Preparation

best online platform for upsc preparation

Gone are the days of offline classes and coaching institutions. There is a vast ocean of online platforms for UPSC Civil Services Examination Preparation that provide adequate reading materials, either for free or as a paid content service. However, finding reliable and the best online platform for UPSC preparation among thousands is equivalent to finding Rose’s sunk necklace in the ocean as shown in the movie Titanic. In short, it requires a lot of effort and time for civil services aspirants to find out the relevant online platform to prepare for competitive exams.

Thus to save your effort and time, we have compiled the list of the best online platform for UPSC preparation in this article.

Best Online Government Platform For IAS Preparation

To prevent you from eating up the time in browsing and to increase the efficiency of your search, here are some of the Government websites that are the best online platform for UPSC preparation, listed below, that will help you to gain knowledge of current news:

  1. RBI’s official website: Aspirants can refer to this website and download economic reports for each quarter and information regarding economic policies, this is part of current affairs.
  2. Press Information Bureau: You can refer to this website for the news regarding current affairs in India along with the events happening across the world. This website will be beneficial for you as it provides you with the latest information regarding any government ministry updates like information about the launch of any new scheme. It is important as it covers the key government initiatives.
  3. India Budget: You can refer to this website for news regarding budget and economic surveys. This website will help you to learn about the details regarding the economic survey and also about the annual financial statement.
  4. Yojana: All the editions of Yojana and Kurukshetra monthly magazines for current affairs are available here which UPSC aspirants can download.
  5. Official website of the Ministry of External Affairs: This website can be referred to for the reports as well as updates on international relations. In short, to cover international and diplomatic initiatives, this site is helpful.
  6. Official Website Of Ministry Of Social Justice: UPSC Aspirants can make use of this website to know about reports and current updates on social justice.
  7. Official Website Of The Department Of Administrative Reform And Public Grievances:  Aspirants can make use of this website to be updated for ARC reports on governance and ethics as well.
  8. Official Website Of The Ministry Of Environment, Forest And Climate Change: For environment and forestry-related news and information, IAS aspirants can refer to this website.
  9. Official website of The National Association of Software and Services CompaniesUPSC Aspirants can refer to this website for science and technology-related news.
  10. National Portal of IndiaThis website can be considered regarding any information relating to the Indian Government.
  11. Official Website Of The Ministry Of Culture: IAS Aspirants can refer to this website for current updates and media releases regarding art and culture.

Some more useful websites are listed below which are beneficial for subject preparation for UPSC.

  1. NCERT: IAS Aspirants can go through the pdf of NCERTs from 6th to 12th standard and can make notes also. These textbooks are easy to understand and hence save your valuable time in building a strong foundation.
  2. IGNOU: As per UPSC aspirants’ requirements, one can download the relevant study material from IGNOU’s course material.
  3. NIOS: UPSC Aspirants can use this for relevant study material on the environment, history, and polity as well. This is useful as it will add value to your optional study.
  4. Official Website Of Ministry Of Home Affairs: IAS Aspirants can make use of this website for updates on the news regarding, polity, governance, and security.
  5. Official Website Of The Law Ministry: IAS Aspirants can make use of this website for information regarding polity.

IAS Forum Websites

Before looking at the online platforms that will best cater to your UPSC preparation, let us discuss IAS Forums. Online forums for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation are very useful if you aspire to learn, grow and succeed with a community. There are a lot of aspirants and you might also find some serving/retired civil servants to guide you through your preparation journey.

Every civil services aspirant is there for one another and helps each other there to succeed in UPSC CSE by providing them with online learning study resources. You can find reviews of online coaching institutes and offline coaching centers as well. That way you can make the decision to select a coaching center as per your requirements. People often share online resources, UPSC coaching notes, and links to quality mock tests here to crack one of the toughest exams.

Aspirants of UPSC competitive exams can benefit greatly if they use these forums well. Some of the forums are listed below:

  1. IAS Forums
  2. UPSC Forums
  3. Forum IAS

Best Online Medium To Prepare For UPSC Civil Services Exam

There are a lot of online classes or online preparation institutes and online courses for UPSC Civil Services Examination preparation. The best online platform for UPSC preparation should offer both prelims and mains exam preparation. There are a lot of EdTech (Education Technology Startup) companies that offer online UPSC coaching and classroom programs. Some of these also offer learning apps that once installed can be used to study anywhere on the go.

Online coaching for UPSC erupted in the CoVID era and now it has been a habit for many. Along with online classes these coaching platforms also cater mock exams, digital optional coaching notes, a wide range of other online resources to help you with your preparation, etc. Most of these charge reasonable prices from aspirants, compared to offline coachings. Here is our list of the best online platform for UPSC preparation listed below:

  1. Examarly
  2. Unacademy Online IAS Coaching
  3. Civilsdaily
  4. Vision IAS
  5. KSG IAS Coaching Institute
  6. ClearIAS
  7. Legacy IAS Academy
  8. InsightIAS
  9. Apti Plus
  10. IASbaba
  11. Elite IAS Academy
  12. ClearIAS
  13. IAS Kracker
  14. Jagran Josh
  18. Drishti IAS
  19. PMF IAS
  20. AFEIAS
  21. BYJU’S
  22. Plutus IAS
  23. Vajiram & Ravi
  24. IAS Parliament
  25. Yojna IAS Coaching Institute
  26. IAS score
  27. Raj Malhotra Online IAS Coaching
  28. Dhyeya IAS
  29. STUDY IQ
  31. Civil Service India
  32. IAS Passion

UPSC CSE Toppers Blogs

IAS toppers blog also comes in the race for the best online platform for UPSC preparation. Since UPSC CSE toppers are experience holders, so they guide you via their blogs in an efficient way. Some of these are:


Self-Study Platform For UPSC

When it comes to preparing for UPSC in an effective manner, you need to have the best online platform for UPSC preparation. Examarly is a one-stop solution. Being a self-study platform, Examarly provides you with a customized plan that will help you with each aspect of the UPSC Preparation.

Why Examarly Is A One-Stop Solution?

Examarly helps the UPSC aspirants in their preparation from soup to nuts in the following manner:

  1. You will get custom-tailored guidance.
  2. According to your need, you will get your UPSC preparation strategy that will boost your preparation.
  3. To track your preparation for UPSC, you can give daily tests that will give you a clear picture of where you stand. This way, you will know when and where to gear up.
  4. You will get an integrated revision plan.
  5. Your doubts will be resolved instantly if you have doubts regarding any topic or facts.


The information present on the Internet is updated at a regular interval, hence providing a valuable resource to study, for UPSC aspirants is very important. Examarly comes to your rescue in this. The self-study platform provides you with every preparation resource on any particular topic. Examarly’s online UPSC preparation platform brings together video lectures, ebooks, articles, notes, etc., everything in one place.

There is no need of juggling between the study resources as in the end what matters the most is the quality and not the quantity of what you learned. Examarly is the best online platform for UPSC preparation as it helps you to be ahead of others by supercharging your preparation with 2x speeds.

Online learning on Examarly helps you assess yourself with daily mock tests. Examarly is the cheapest learning platform as the only cost is the cost of your internet connection. Offline coaching classes, batch timing, and batch size are no longer your concern as you can learn at any time at your pace.

We tried to provide you with complete details of the best online platform for UPSC preparation of both government and non-government platforms as well as of those who qualified UPSC CSE Exam with flying colors. With offline classes being less favorable, we hope we help you choose the best online platform for UPSC Prelims and Mains preparation.

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