Article 68 Of The Indian Constitution

article 68 of indian constitution

The position of the Indian Vice-President is modeled after that of the American Vice-President.

Article 68 of the Indian Constitution addresses when elections will be held to fill the Vice-Presidential vacancies and the terms of office of those chosen to do so.

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Article 68 Of The Indian Constitution

The terms of office for people chosen to fill the vice presidential vacancy are stated in Article 68 of the Indian Constitution. The provisions of Article 68 are as follows:

  1. Before the term’s expiration, an election must be held to fill a vacancy brought on by the Vice-President’s term coming to an end.
  2. A Vice presidential vacancy brought due to his resignation, death, dismissal, or other cause shall be filled by election to be held as quickly as may be feasible after the vacancy occurs. Any individual chosen to occupy the position will have the right to retain it for the entire five years starting on the day he or she assumes office, subject to the provision of Article 67 of the Constitution.

Who Elects The Vice-President?

No direct election takes place for the Vice-President of India; instead, an electoral college chooses him or her.

The electoral college used to choose the President of India is distinguishable from the one used to choose the Vice President of India, despite the fact that the election process for both is relatively similar.


The Vice-President is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha (Council of States). Vice-presidential elections will be held to fill up the post of this constitutional office before the expiration of the existing Vice-President.

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When Vice-President’s Post Becomes Vacant?

The second-highest office in the country becomes vacant in the following circumstances:
1. Upon the death of Vice-President
2. When he/she resigns by sending his/her handwritten resignation letter to the President
3. When the resolution for the removal of the ex-officio Chairman is passed.

What Is Article 67 Of The Constitution Of India?

Article 67 contains the provision regarding the term of office a Vice-President can have.

Who Votes In The Vice Presidential Election?

The Vice President of India is chosen by an electoral college made up of the elected members as well as nominated members of both the House of Parliament. Therefore, the mode of the election is known as an “indirect election”. An electoral system adheres to the idea of proportional representation by making use of a single transferable vote.

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