Akankshya Kumari

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Foraying in the field of content, Akankshya has a background in the field of Mass Communication and English Literature. Creating a fine balance between her interest in content writing and her experience in copywriting, Akankshya loves to explore a multitude of areas. Apart from her passion for writing, she is a trained Odissi Dancer and Vocalist.
right to freedom

Right To Freedom

One of the most fundamental rights that citizens possess is the right to freedom. This right is specifically…
right against exploitation

Right Against Exploitation

India is currently the world’s largest democracy in terms of population. However, in the past, the country and…
right to equality

Right to Equality

The third section of the Indian Constitution guarantees a set of fundamental rights to all Indian citizens, regardless…
cultural and educational rights

Cultural and Educational Rights

India is a diverse country with a wide range of ethnicities, languages, cultures, and castes. Despite these differences,…